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Friday, October 12, 2012

Rex is out "Pickin"  we will be back in the store on Saturday...
Sure hope you all like what he found!!!  Sorry no sneak peaks.... you will just have to come by on this one....but I will tell you....if you UP-Cycle... you will love what is coming in!

But I don't want to leave you without any pictures....so here is something to hold you over.

The softest throw I have ever felt..and yummy colors

Vintage ad framed

Vintage ad framed

GREAT wall clock

Really nice round table cloth..could be used under a Christmas tree too...

Love this little vintage apron

Handmade apron...so cute!

A little see through number

Another handmade apron

Love all these rolling pins.

Tea and Sugar

Some kid music

Handing shade...for lighting or decor.

Love these little baby dresses.

"Green" cards...set of 16 cards...
 Hope you all can make it by this weekend!

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