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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lets have a look around shall we? 
Great old books for decor and reading

Platters for eating and serving

Fall Decor

Chairs and pictures galore

Candy dish anyone?

Cute decor for your dresser or more

Decanters for fun

And a little old MacDonalds fun

A Homemade smash book

Hallow wreath

Some LP's for listening...
Lost and Found has a little but of it all don't you think?  And if we don't "We Will Find it For You!"


  1. OK, that goblet thing? The light blue one? I have a red one! Do you know what they were used for? Someone told me ice cream sundaes, but it seems a little huge for that.
    It looks like you have a fun store! And you're in Utah? I'll have to let my son know. He lives in Ogden and loves thrifting.

    1. We are in Bountiful..not to far from Ogden...
      The blue dish in this post is for anything really... you could use it for a sundae or for a buffet or party to put pretzels in or candy or nuts... anything goes!
      Hope to see you in our store soon!
      I need to make it up to Idaho and do some picking real soon as well.